TYMCO® Sweepers

TYMCO®, a family owned and day-to-day managed company, dominates a market traditionally controlled by corporate conglomerates. TYMCO first introduced and perfected the Regenerative Air Sweeper that is the standard by which all air sweepers are measured today.

TYMCO® is the originator of the Number 1 Regenerative Air Sweeper in the world, with such long term customers as the U.S. Military; cities such as Atlanta, Austin, Las Vegas, Memphis, Portland, San Antonio, Toronto, Washington D.C., San Francisco and Tyler; international airports such as Atlanta, Dallas/ Fort Worth, Houston, Las Vegas, Orlando, Phoenix and practically every major sweeping contractor in the United States. TYMCO’s® market share is protected by our total commitment to customer service and the most advanced quality control program in the industry, as well as a full-time research and development department.

Sub Categories

TYMCO® Parking Lot Sweepers

Whether you own your own sweeping business, maintain property for a real estate developer or manage large facilities for a sports complex or university, you know that parking lots and areas are a big part of your job. Besides tending to landscaping, changing lighting, restriping, power washing sidewalks, emptying trash containers and even hanging seasonal decorations, you have a responsibility to keep your parking lot clean and looking great. No matter what, there will always be trash that ends up in a parking area as well as leaves, sand, dirt, gravel and rocks depending on the landscape around the parking area as well as the conditions of the local terrain. Whatever the debris or however big the parking area, TYMCO® builds a sweeper to keep your property looking its best.

TYMCO® Street Sweepers

There is always that next project - expanding main arterial roads, adding sidewalks and street lighting, repaving the main parkway. You name it and it is on the list. But in light of all the projects that need to get done, you still have to maintain what you have now and keep it looking great. TYMCO® builds street sweepers to keep your entire city looking its best. From all of the inner city streets and roads connecting city centers, residential neighborhoods, downtown parking garages and municipal parks and recreation centers, TYMCO® builds a street sweeper to keep your city clean.

TYMCO® Airport Sweepers

From private airports and heliports to the busiest international airports, it is very important for the airport runways, ramps, aprons and taxiways to remain clean and clear of any debris that could potentially be classified as Foreign Object Debris (FOD).

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