Parking Lot Sweepers

TYMCO® Parking Lot Sweepers

Whether you own your own sweeping business, maintain property for a real estate developer or manage large facilities for a sports complex or university, you know that parking lots and areas are a big part of your job. Besides tending to landscaping, changing lighting, restriping, power washing sidewalks, emptying trash containers and even hanging seasonal decorations, you have a responsibility to keep your parking lot clean and looking great. No matter what, there will always be trash that ends up in a parking area as well as leaves, sand, dirt, gravel and rocks depending on the landscape around the parking area as well as the conditions of the local terrain. Whatever the debris or however big the parking area, TYMCO® builds a sweeper to keep your property looking its best.

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We introduced the TYMCO® Model 435® over a decade ago, and our engineering design principles remain the same – deliver street sweeping performance in a parking lot sweeping package. Not only is it built using the high-efficiency, time-tested TYMCO® Regenerative Air System that provides unprecedented reliability, but it also delivers incredible performance and an amazingly clean sweep. All of this matched up with an enormous amount of storage and the industry’s only hopper that uses the entire roof as a door, and the Model 435 gives you the most versatile mid-sized sweeper available.


The TYMCO® Model 210® is the parking lot sweeper with both power and maneuverability that you need to get the job done. With a height clearance as low as 6’6” and a large 2.4 cubic yard hopper, the Model 210 is ideal for tackling a downtown parking garage or the largest of parking lots. When other parking lot sweepers are too large, and small outdoor ride-on or walk-behind sweepers have proven inefficient, time-consuming and maintenance intensive, the Model 210 is your sweeper.


The TYMCO® Model 210h™ parking lot sweeper is powered by the TYMCO® hDrive™ Power System. hDrive is an optimized hydraulic power system that gives Model 210h owners all the simplicity and low maintenance of sweeping without an auxiliary engine. The Model 210h delivers everything Model 210 owners have come to love about the TYMCO® Regenerative Air System – air sweeping with a dual chambered pick-up head delivering a powerful air blast to the paved surface and centrifugal dust separation for low dust emissions.

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