PowerBoss® Sweeper and Scrubber Products

Since 1985 PowerBoss® has been manufacturing a full line of rugged industrial cleaning equipment in Aberdeen, North Carolina. Innovative design features and cost effective reliable operation have proven to be why their customers continue to choose PowerBoss® sweepers and scrubbers. Worldwide factory trained service and parts distributors provide timely response to keep your PowerBoss units performing in the most demanding environments.

PowerBoss® is a division of three companies manufacturing a full line of maintenance products, including Minuteman critical air vacuums, industrial and commercial vacuums, sweepers and scrubbers, floor and carpet machines and Multi-Clean chemicals for industrial, commercial and institutional facilities.

Sub Categories

PowerBoss® Rider and Walk-Behind Sweepers

The Collector and Apex series combine to provide a full range of sweepers. The Collector series walkbehinds give a range of a 26” manual model, up to a 34” model with choice of battery or gasoline power for your smaller sweeping needs. The Apex series of riders offers large 47” to 58” sweep paths with battery, LP and gasoline options for larger applications.

Armadillo series offers a quality, cost effective sweeper that will provide extra years of consistently reliable service. Manufactured to a heavy-equipment design criteria, it meets the most rigorous of cleaning requirements. The New Atlas sweeper is the result of market driven needs, state of the art design and manufacturing expertise. They incorporate features and benefits that make owning and operating a power sweeper as productive and uncomplicated as it ever could be.

PowerBoss® Walk-Behind and Rider Scrubbers

The Phoenix machines form PowerBoss®’ innovative and industrial walk-behind scrubber series. With advanced technology and new green clean features, these scrubbers have been engineered to change the way you clean floors. It’s scrubbing, reinvented.

The Admiral Series rider scrubbers provide a great solution for everyday scrubbing. These compact workhorses get the job done quickly and efficiently. The operator rides in complete comfort, cutting down on fatigue and increasing productivity.

PowerBoss® Sweeper/Scrubbers

Combination sweeper/scrubbers are the ultimate solution in efficiency. The Commander C82 & C90 are complete sweeper/scrubbers that provides aggressive scrubbing power and sweeping at the same time. The Commander T82 & T90 are total sweeper/scrubbers, giving the operator the ability to hydraulically high dump heavy debris while aggressively scrubbing.

The Core is a high-performance sweeper scrubber model that is easy to maneuver and maintain. The Monitor Series Double Scrubbers efficiently and effectively scrub floors twice in one pass. Their compact size provides for excellent maneuverability when working in congested or high-traffic areas.

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