PowerBoss® Sweeper/Scrubbers

Combination sweeper/scrubbers are the ultimate solution in efficiency. The Commander C82 & C90 are complete sweeper/scrubbers that provides aggressive scrubbing power and sweeping at the same time. The Commander T82 & T90 are total sweeper/scrubbers, giving the operator the ability to hydraulically high dump heavy debris while aggressively scrubbing.

The Core is a high-performance sweeper scrubber model that is easy to maneuver and maintain. The Monitor Series Double Scrubbers efficiently and effectively scrub floors twice in one pass. Their compact size provides for excellent maneuverability when working in congested or high-traffic areas.

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The Monitor 90 is an agressive large-size scrubber with extra scrubbing power.



The Monitor 82 is an agressive mid-size scrubber with extra scrubbing power.



PowerBoss® is proud to introduce the Core 50 as a heavy duty, low maintenance sweeper/scrubber. The Core 50 sweeps and scrubs in one pass.



High-powered, high capacity sweeping and scrubbing in one machine. The Commander T90 has a 100 gallon revery and solution tank with a 56" scrub path.



The Commander C90 offers high capacity and agressive scrubbing with pre-sweep. This machine has a sweeping path of up to 60", and a 48" scrub path.



The Commander T82 is a total sweeper/total scrubber in one convenient mid-sized machine.



Pre-sweeps and aggressively scrubs at the same time, up to 54” sweep path with optional side brush, Industrial smooth-ride tires for traction and reliability.



Intensive wet cleaning and dry vacuuming in one operation. Pre-sweep, water recycling system, cleaning agent system, side scrubbing unit.


A powerful, efficient pre-sweep unit to sweep up loose dirt in the dry area in front of the scrubbing brushes (optional equipment). A powerful drive motor with power reserves for gradients of up to 10%.


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