FactoryCat Mag-HD

The MAG-HD Floor Scrubber Dryer is known for its renowned durability and innovative features, offering unmatched value for the customer. The MAG-HD Walk Behind Floor Scrubber is available in either a disk or cylindrical brush system. A high-capacity is standard allowing for up to 5 hours of continous scrubbing.

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Disk Scrub Path: Up to 34-inches
Cylindrical Scrub Path: Up to 33-inches
Solution Tank: 30 Gallons
Chassis Construction: 3/16-inch Powder Coated Steel

Battery System

  • System Voltage:   24 volts
  • Standard Battery Rating:   315 ah WET
  • Optional Battery Rating:   360 ah WET / 335 ah AGM
  • Battery Run Time:   Up to 5 Hours
  • Charger:   24VDC / 30 amp

    • Tank Material:   Poly (3/8")
    • Solution Tank Capacity:   30 Gallons
    • Solution Flow Rate:   0 - 1.0 gpm
    • Solution Filter:  Stainless Inline

      • Tank Material:   Poly (3/8")
      • Recovery Tank Capacity:   32 Gallons
      • Vacuum Power:   0.8 hp / 3 stage
      • Vacuum Specs (water-lift/airflow):   68"/72 cfm
      • Drain Hose:  2-inch Diameter
      • Drain Saver:  30 cubic inches
      • Demisting Chamber:  1.25 gallons

        • Length:   55-inches
        • Width:   26-inches
        • Height:   40-inches
        • Squeegee Size:  Laser Cut Steel 42-inches Curved w/ 4-sided Rear Blade & Quick Change Latch
        • Weight:  441 - 481 lb
        • Weight w/standard Batteries:  775 - 825 lb
        • Minimum Aisle Turn:  60-inches
        • SOUND LEVELS

          • Driver's Seat:   62 dba


  • The Central Command II systems on all of our Rider machines include: a LCD readout, on-board machine diagnostics, and 3 different hour meters. Also, if machine batteries become too discharged, the Mag-HD automatically shut down all systems except "transport", enabling the operator to still make it back to the charge station.
  • PRODUCTIVITY (Cleaning Width & Rate/Hour)

    • Up tp 31,000 sq. ft./hr.

      • The Disk Magnum-HD offers a gimbaled brush drive and 45% more scrubbing power than competitive brands. The Cylindrical Magnum-HD has the added benefit of sweeping up debris while scrubbing simultaneously. This eliminates the need to dust sweep any area and increases productivity.
      • Clam Shell Design

        • The "Clam Shell" design allows for easy access to batteries, scrub motors, solution filter, and the vacuum filter.
        • BUILT TO LAST

          • Factory Cat machines are built to last. Constructed of thick steel, use stainless fastners and powder painted to prevent corrosion. The tanks have extra-thick walls, brass inserts, and "through tubes" for strength. Factory Cat machines are overbuilt to last.


  • • Central Command II
    • Class leading HD Motor
    • Dual HD Scrub Motors
    • HD Tires
    • Automatic parking brake
    • Stainless fastners
    • HD Steel Frame
    • Clam Shell Design for Easy Maintenance
    • Dual Non-Marking Rollers
    • HD Rear Bumper
    • Vacuum Screen
    • Poly Battery Box with Drain

    • • Maintenance Free Batteries
      • Onboard Soap Package
      • Stainless Steel Hopper
      • Stainless Steel Cylindrical Deck
      • Strobe Light
      • Spray Hose
      • Spray Hose/Vacuum Wand
      • Grey Tires
      • Manager "Lockout"
      • Squeegee Material Options
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