Whether you own your sweeping business, maintain property for a real estate developer or manage large facilities for a sports complex or university, you know that parking lots are a big part of your job. Whatever the debris or however big the parking area, TYMCO builds a sweeper to keep your property looking its best.

What's downstream matters. Working toward keeping our planet's waters clean is a high priority because of how important water is to sustain life, which is why measures should be taken to prevent water pollution by removing contaminants before they are able to be washed into water bodies via stormwater runoff. More often than not, fine dust particulates can be more damaging to stormwater runoff than larger debris. This dust can contain several different contaminants and toxins like vehicle lubricants, coolants and brake dust, petroleum products used in pavement. TYMCO Regenerative Air Sweepers allow you to not only remove larger debris such as leaves, trash, gravel and rocks, but also will remove fine dirt and sand as well as ultrafine particulates out of all of the cracks and crevices throughout the imperfections in the paved surface.

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