PowerBoss Armadillo

Armadillo offers a quality, cost effective sweeper that will provide extra years of consistently reliable service. Manufactured to a heavy-equipment design criteria, it meets the most rigorous of cleaning requirements. In fact, Armadillo is a truly rebuildable sweeper, much like many forklift trucks. This means a longer life than most conventional sweepers.

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Cleaning Path: Up to 84-inches wide
Hopper Capactiy: Up to 30 cubic feet
Power System: Diesel, Gas, or LPG


  • Gas/LPG Engine Model:   1.5L Kubota Tier II
  • Diesel Engine Model:   Kubota Diesel

    • Sweeping Path:   Up to 84-inches
      • Tank Material:   Steel
      • Hopper Tank Capacity:   Up tp 30 cubic feet

        • Length:   (6x - 79") (9x - 105") (10x - 106")
        • Width:   (6x - 53") (9x - 60") (10x - 68")
        • Height:   (6x - 53") (9x - 55.38") (10x - 55.38")
        • Weight:  (6x - 2550 lbs) (9x - 3500 lbs) (10x - 4575 lbs)
        • Minimum Aisle Turn:  (6x - 82") (9x - 110") (10x - 115")


  • A patented system that allows you to rotate the engine out of the body of the sweeper for bench-like mainte- nance access to all parts. Optional on the 9XR
  • PowerClimb

    • Oversized tires and extra ground clearance you can easily negotiate rough ter- rain and speed bumps; even climb sidewalk curbs.
    • PowerFlex

      • Automotive-type rear wheel suspension that minimizes vibration for operator comfort and longer machine life. Standard on 10XV; optional for 9XV model.
      • Lower Emissions

        • All gas and LP engines meet Tier 2 specifications, catalyst mufflers, battery operated available, diesel operated available, bio-diesel fuel can be used in Kubota engine
        • Clean Air System

          • High-performance filter system dramatically reduces the release of dust and debris back into the air, dust vacuum ensures that dust is put directly into the hopper, bristle pattern on main broom increases dust control


  • • Massive, unitized steel frame
    • Adjustable Steering Wheel
    • Oversized, soft-ride tires
    • PowerClimb
    • Oversized hopper with RTR
    • Headlights
    • Hydraulics protection package
    • PowerSwing, optional on the 9XR
    • Multi-level high-dump

    • • 60-inch Scrub path w/ Side Scrub Brush
      • Overhead Guard
      • Safety Light Packages
      • Fire Extinguisher
      • Back Up Alarm
      • Suspension Seat
      • Chemical Metering
      • Auto Fill
      • Heated Solution
      • Spray & Vac Wand
      • Spare LP Tank Holder
      • Stainless Debris Hopper
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