PowerBoss Nautilus

The NAUTILUS scrubber sweeper can be an exceptional value to your company. Large water capacities provides longer cleaning time, heavy duty stainless steel parts offer lower cost of ownership and the unmatched maneuverability helps to ensure professional cleaning results that will make the difference for you.

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Cleaning Path: Up to 60-inches wide
Solution Capactiy: 105 gallon
Recovery Capacity: 105 gallon
Power System: Diesel, Gas, or LPG


  • Gas/LPG Engine Model:   1.5L Kubota Tier III Rated at 55 HP
  • Diesel Engine Model:   Kubota Diesel Tier IV Rated at 35.5 HP

    • Cleaning Path:   45-inches
    • W/ Optional Side Scrub Brush:   60-inches

      • Tank Material:   Poly (3/8")
      • Solution Tank Capacity:   105 Gallons

        • Tank Material:   Poly (3/8")
        • Recovery Tank Capacity:   105 Gallons
        • Vacuum:   11,500 RPM Hydraulic Vacuum
        • Vacuum Specs (water-lift/airflow):   35-inches
        • Drain Hose:  3-inch Diameter
        • Demisting Chamber:  17 gallons
        • DIMENSIONS

          • Length:   95-inches
          • Width:   56-inches
          • Height:   60.5-inches
          • Weight:  3,250 lb
          • Minimum Aisle Turn:  107.7-inches
          • Front Tires Size:  16-inches
          • Rear Tire Sizet:  18-inches
          • SOUND LEVELS

            • Driver's Seat:   83dba


  • After removing the engine panels, no tools required, this provides 360 degree accessibility around the engine, radiator, hydraulic pump, vacuum motor, hydraulic tank and the electrical system. This provides the opportunity to keep the machine maintained properly. The easiest task can be difficult if things are in the way.

    • Scrub Deck, Scrub Deck Doors, Scrub Door Hinges, Side Squeegee Frame, Rear Squeegee Frame, All Squeegee Attachment Bands (Inner, Outer & Sides), Debris Hopper (Optional Stainless Steel)

      • The operator can turn around in a 9’ aisle if needed without having to back up or turn off the water or brushes while scrubbing. The operator can READ the traffic and REACT safely.
      • Quick Scrub - Controls

        • Utilizing only one switch, the operator can have all functions turn on and off with a flip of one switch. The functions (scrub and/or vacuum) are selected prior to cleaning. The Green Quick Scrub master switch turns the selected functions on and off. Individual functions can be adjusted by the operator during the cleaning process. The operator can change water flow and brush pressure on the move.
        • Professional Cleaning Results

          • Two powerful Eaton hydraulic motors turn two 45” cylindrical brushes at 425 RPM. Choose 200, 300 or 400 lbs of down pressure using the selector knob on the operator control panel. Rip the build-up off the floor or bring the polish back to the high gloss finish. 11,500 CFM vacuum completely dries the floor allowing forklift or foot traffic to travel safely behind the machine.
          • Easy Clean Recovery Tank

            • A large drain hose provides quick and clean draining of the dirty water. Two large doors at the top of the tank and one 8” access cap provide easy access for washing the recovery tank free of sediment.


  • • Dual 45-inch Cylindrical Scrub Brushes
    • Adjustable Steering Wheel
    • Debris Hopper - 2.1 Ft3
    • Dual 105-gallon tanks
    • Parker O-Ring Face Seal Hydraulic Fittings
    • Linatex Extended Wear, Oil Resistant Squeegees
    • Eaton Hydraulic Motors
    • Head & Tail Lights
    • Parker TC (Tough Cover) Hoses

    • • 60-inch Scrub path w/ Side Scrub Brush
      • Overhead Guard
      • Safety Light Packages
      • Fire Extinguisher
      • Back Up Alarm
      • Suspension Seat
      • Chemical Metering
      • Auto Fill
      • Heated Solution
      • Spray & Vac Wand
      • Spare LP Tank Holder
      • Stainless Debris Hopper
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