Tymco 600 Regenerative Air Sweeper

The TYMCO Model 600 is both extremely reliable and incredibly powerful. Whether you’re sweeping city streets during leaf season, cleaning up on a construction site or sweeping behind a milling machine or road reclaimer, getting the job done with the Model 600 is quick to perform and easy to operate.

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Sweeping Path: 12-Feet Wide
Hopper Construction: Welded Steel
Hopper Capacity: 7.3 yd3
Gutter Brooms: Dual 43-inch Steel Wire Brooms


  • Make:   John Deere
  • Model:   4045 4-Cylinder Turbo Diesel (Tier 4 Final)
  • Horsepower:   124 HP @ 2400 RPM
  • Torque:   284 lb-ft @ 2100 RPM
  • Diesel Fuel Tank Capacity:   51 Gallons

    • Hopper Material:    Steel Plate
    • Volumetric Capacity:   7.3 yd3
    • Construction:   Welded steel plate w/integral stiffeners
    • Dump door opening:  84 x 44 inches
    • Dumping Method:  Hydraulic with raker bar
    • Dump Height:  36-inches

      • Type:   Dual chamber
      • Width:   87-inches
      • Pick-up head area:   2,610 in2
      • Skids:  DUO SKID - Carbide
      • Suction Hose Diameter:  14-inches
      • Pressure Hose Diamter:  14-inches
      • GUTTER BROOMS - TWIN (Patented)

        • Broom Size:   43-inch diameter steel wire, vertical diggers
        • Broom Drive:   Constant speed non-reversible hydraulic
        • Adjustment:   Fully adjustable for down pressure, pattern and wear
        • Down Pressure:   Automatically adjusts to requirement
        • Flexibility:  All directions, integral anti-damage “swing away” relief valve

          • Type:   Water spray nozzles system
          • Pump:   Electric diaphragm
          • Reservoir:   Polyethylene 220 gallon
          • Inline Filter:   80 mesh stainless steel
          • Spray Nozzles Locations:
          • • Pick-up head - 4
            • Gutter brooms (each) - 2
            • Hopper - 1

BlueLogic® Display

  • High resolution, color LCD multi-function touchscreen display that provides the operator feedback on the status of the sweeper and auxiliary engine. The display provides information for all safety equipment, as well as lifetime and trip hours for sweeper equipment such as the gutter brooms, pick-up head, pick-up head broom, and blower. The display also provides service hours for the auxiliary engine and hydraulic system fluids and filters.
  • BlueLogic® Control System

    • Multiplexed electrical control system which provides intelligent safety features and assists in sweeper troubleshooting with on board diagnostics (OBD).
    • HOPPER

      • Model 600 hopper capacity is over 7.3 cubic yards and ensures owners a payload of over 10,000 lbs. The TYMCO raker-assist dumping system provides smooth discharge of debris from a stationary hopper without requiring unnecessary telescopic hydraulic cylinders for hoisting, hydraulically controlled door latch assemblies, additional hydraulic door opening cylinders, grease points and safety concerns such as pinch points and overhead clearance. The 600 hopper comes standard with two easily accessible inspection doors located on both sides of the hopper.
      • PICK-UP HEAD

        • The TYMCO Model 600® pick-up head incorporates full-width air blast and suction and is designed to work effortlessly with the TYMCO Regenerative Air System to pick up a wide variety of street debris from light trash and leaves to heavy dirt and gravel. The Model 600 pick-up head also comes standard with long-lasting Duo-Skids® which provide increased sweeping performance and longer wear.
        • DUST CONTROL

          • The Model 600 is the only street sweeper on the market with a high-efficiency centrifugal dust separator for maximum fine dust particulate separation which provides excellent dust control while using less water. The Model 600 has a water capacity of 440 gallons which provides hours of sweeping while maintaining excellent dust control.

            • Every TYMCO model is built with less moving parts than mechanical and vacuum parking lot sweepers. Combine that with grease-free maintenance and Tymco's have the lowest maintenance cost of any street sweeper.
            • DUAL GUTTER BROOMS

              • The 43” diameter Model 600 gutter brooms remove debris from curbs, gutters and around obstacles along city streets such as parked cars and maintenance equipment.
              • POWER UNIT

                • The Model 600 is powered by a 124 horsepower John Deere auxiliary engine. This engine powers all hydraulic functions through a gear driven pump and directly belt drives the blower. The lightweight aluminum alloy blower that drives the TYMCO Regenerative Air System only requires a modest amount of horsepower; therefore TYMCO’s engineers designed the Model 600 around a smaller, more fuel efficient auxiliary engine.


  • • True Regenerative Air
    • BlueLogic® Control System
    • BlueLogic® Display
    • Dual 43" Gutter Brooms
    • 7.3 yd3 Steel Hopper with Raker-Assist
    • Dual Hopper Inspection Doors
    • Dust Control System w/220 Gallon Rustproof Resevoir
    • John Deere Turbo Diesel Auxillary Engine
    • Aluminum Alloy Blower
    • Grease-Free Maintenance
    • Dual Steering
    • LED Light Package

    • • Broom Assist Pick-Up Head (BAH)
      • Gutter Broom Tilt Adjuster – Left, Right or Twin
      • Drop Down Gutter Brooms
      • Hopper Deluge System
      • Camera/Monitor System
      • Stainless Steel Hopper
      • Variable Speed Gutter Brooms
      • Pick-Up Head Curtain Lifter
      • Auxiliary Hand Hose
      • CNG Package - Truck & Sweeper are CNG Powered
      • Magnet, Light, Standard, or Heavy Duty
      • Lateral Airflow Nozzle (LAN)
      • Liquid Recovery System (LRS)
      • COMDEX (extra water and tool box) 330 gal (1249 L) total capacity
      • Reverse pick-up head system
      • Custom Paint Color
      • Freightliner M2-106 Chassis
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